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Xciter Extended Reach Vibration Tool

Xciter Drillstring Vibrator

Logan's proprietary Xciter Extended Reach Vibration Tool enhances horizontal drilling effectiveness by introducing a variable frequency into the drill string that is designed to mitigate the effects of wellbore friction. The Xciter tool has proven to be especially effective in the drilling of horizontal wells in unconventional oil and gas plays in North America.

Since the fall of 2004, Logan Xtend has participated in over 5,000 successful drilling projects in Canada, United States and the Caribbean.






  • Connections are compatible with all standard drill pipe
  • Compatible with EM, MWD and LWD equipment
  • Operates with conventional fluid or two-phase flow

The Xciter is a robust, user-friendly tool that is added to the bottom hole assembly (BHA) to enhance slide and rotary drilling performance under the the most challenging of wellbore conditions.

The Xciter uses PDM power to rotate multiple-size masses to excite the drill string. Exciting the drill string assists in breaking static friction associated with slide drilling. Stick/slip is reduced and/or eliminated, rate of penetration (ROP) is increased, tool face control is enhanced, and drill bit life is improved.

Xciter Operating Principle

A complex variable frequency excites the drill string to break static friction in the build and horizontal sections of the well. Amplitude and frequency control are achieved by changing flow configuration within the tool. Torque and drag analysis determines optimum placement of the Xciter tool in the drill string.

Xciter Tool Models

  • XT434
  • XT500
  • XT650

Operating Parameters

Xciter Model Number

Flow Rate (lpm)

Pressure Drop (kpa)

Maximum Operating Temperature (deg C)

Maximum Over-Pull (kg)

Frequency (Hz)

Amplitude (g's) (peak-to-peak)

XT434 (123mm)

380 – 1750

500 – 860





XT500 (127mm)

800 – 1200

608 – 860





XT650 (165mm)

1135 – 2270

600 – 970





*High Temperature Configuration is Available

Design Specifications


Top & Bottom Sub OD (mm)

Top & Bottom Sub ID (mm)

Tool Length — no crossover subs (m)

Tool Weight — no crossover subs (kg)

Make-up Torque (ft/lbs)

4" FH & 3-1/2" IF

133.3 & 122





4" FH & 3-1/2" IF

133.3 & 122





4-1/2" XH







Case Studies

The following case studies demonstrate the positive effects the Xciter tool has in various formations and drilling applications.
All case studies are in pdf format.

Drilling Performance Improvements in the Powder River Basin using Logan Xciter Vibration Tool

25 horizontal wells drilled in the Powder River Basin by one operator on 3 different rigs. Study of ROP in curve and lateral hole sections of both Parkman and Turner formation wells. Data from BHA reports using the Logan Xciter.

Effects of Xciter on ROP – Horizontal Coal Bed Methane Well

The well being examined is comprised of a typical vertical and build section (0 – 90 degrees inclination) and four (4) horizontal legs drilled to various depths. Data was acquired by Chimo Drillsight electronic data collection system.

Effects of Xciter on ROP – Directional Wells

The wells being examined are typical directional wellbores with kick-off at 120 meters (avg) and build to 63 degrees (avg) and hold. Both wells were drilled by the same rig. Data was acquired by Pason Systems electronic data collection system.

Effects of Xciter on ROP – Drilling Build Sections of Horizontal Wells

Offset wells (1 thru 4) kick-off at 1125 m (avg) and build to 88.5 degrees (avg) deviation with minimum change in azimuth. The Xciter well (#5) is unique in that the deviation is built to 88.7 degrees with an azimuth change of 110 degrees. Five wells were drilled with roller cone bits by the same rig. Data was acquired by Pason Systemselectronic data collection system.

Effects of Xciter on ROP – Drilling Underbalanced Horizontal Wells

Results from five wells with Xciter and five wells without Xciter drilled in Jean Marie Formation at Fort Nelson, British Columbia. All wells are horizontal underbalanced gas wells drilled with two-phase flow. Data was acquired byPason Systems electronic data collection system.