Logan Rentals offers downhole products for use in Drilling and Wellbore Intervention applications that deliver greater certainty and reliability for the operator. Logan Rentals downhole products help our customers reach new levels of efficiency and productivity during their Drilling and Wellbore Intervention projects.

The Logan Sup-R-Jar™ is a double-acting hydraulic drilling jar designed to withstand the rigors and long hours of challenging drilling applications. The Sup-R-Jar™ is an ideal solution for modern drilling operations, which require control, power, and flexibility for extended drilling periods. The Logan Shockwave™ is a bi-directional fishing jar based on the same design platform as our drilling jars. The Shockwave is ideal for fishing operations where a downward blow may be required to release the Overshot.

The Logan Xciter™ drill-string resonator oscillates the Bottom Hole Assembly to significantly improve weight transfer and reduce friction, which is crucial in drilling directional, horizontal, and extended-reach wellbores.

For Wellbore Intervention applications, The Logan Superior Fishing Jars™ and Superior Energizers™ offer infinitely variable trip loads up to the maximum rating of the tool. The Logan Superior Coiled Tubing Jars™and Superior Coiled Tubing Energizers™ allow coiled tubing operators to control the intensity of the jarring action to suit the field application.


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