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Superior Hydraulic Fishing Jars

The Logan Superior Hydraulic Jar is a straight pull, up only, jarring tool that utilizes a special valve section to meter oil from one side of the piston to the other side. This allows for controlled jarring action during stuck fish recovery. The straight pull load applied by the operator controls the intensity of the jarring blow. The downhole jarring blow is infinitely adjustable without any rig floor adjustments necessary prior to the run. Impact of each blow can be varied by simply changing the pull load.

The Logan Superior Hydraulic Jar is well-suited for milling and washover operations due to its large mandrel design. Since the Jar will not interfere with test equipment, it is also ideal to use for drill stem testing. The seals used in the Logan Superior Hydraulic Jar can handle higher pressures than those normally encountered in drill stem testing.

Among its many uses, the Logan Superior Hydraulic Jar is also ideal for jarring and freeing open-hole or hook-wall packers that have become stuck. With comparatively moderate pull, the Logan Superior Hydraulic Jar can also deliver sufficient impact to break a core.


Superior Hydraulic Fishing Jars