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“Logan Oil Tools is committed to meeting the agreed upon expectations of our customers and supporting the organizational goals through the application, continual improvement and commitment to comply with the Quality Management System.”

Spanish version of Quality Policy

Poliza De Calidad: Logan Oil Tools se compromete al cumplimiento de lo acordado en las expectativas de nuestros clientes y el apoyo a los objetivos de la organización a través de la aplicación, la mejora continua y el compromiso de cumplir con el Sistema de Gestión de Calidad

Logan Oil Tools

ISO 9001-2008
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Logan Kline

Logan Oil Tools quality management system is certified to American Petroleum Institute Quality 1 standard and ISO 9001 which is an International Standard. The standards require organizations to clearly define and control the processes which enable the production of a good product or service which is acceptable to the customer.

Certification to this standard requires audits annually by an internal and external auditors to ensure that the Quality Management System conforms to the requirements of the standard.

The aim of the Logan Oil Tools quality management system is to ensure that the products and services we provide consistently meet our customers requirements and expectations.

API registration is maintained and regularly monitored through scheduled surveillance audits. These Certificates have been issued from the API offices in Washington, D.C. To verify the authenticity of these Certificates, go to