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Logan SuperAbrasives draws on more than 150 years of combined technical experience in the development of high-performance superabrasives. This broad experience base, coupled with our state-of-the-art design and production capabilities, uniquely enables us to provide high-value products and services that serve a wide variety of advanced cutting and wear applications.

Our most recent materials developments include microwave sintered carbide, carbide/diamond composites, and related production equipment. These new materials are demonstrating high levels of wear resistance and impact properties not possible with conventional sintered tungsten carbides.

Logan SuperAbrasives specializes in developing new applications for super-abrasive and microwave sintered carbide products, and engineering new materials, as well as finished tools that effectively use them.

Logan SuperAbrasives is at the forefront of superabrasive material development and has been granted over 30 patents. Our broad selection of innovative technologies includes microwave sintered carbide (MSC) bearings, tungsten carbide inserts, a complete line of high-performance polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) products for fixed cutter drill bits and drilling tools, and a comprehensive line of superabrasive specialty products used in many oilfield applications.

Products include high-performance PDC cutters for oilfield drill bits; PDC thrust and microwave sintered carbide (MSC) radial bearings for downhole drilling motors and production pumps; and other superabrasive tools and wear parts for an array of other industries. Our most recent materials developments of MSC and carbide/diamond composites — demonstrate high levels of wear resistance and impact properties not possible with conventionally sintered tungsten carbides.


High-Performance PDC Cutters for Oilfield Drill Bits

High-Performance PDC Cutters

Logan SuperAbrasives develops and manufactures a complete line of high-performance polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) products for fixed cutter drill bits. These products are available in all standard diameters ranging from 8mm to 19mm. The patented, non-planar interface geometries were designed using sophisticated FEA modeling and stress analysis to maximize diamond content while improving the impact strength of the overall cutting structure. Proprietary microwave sintered carbide substrates are utilized to offer carbide substrate grades that are optimized specifically for PDC cutter applications. This has resulted in exceptional downhole performance not possible with conventional carbide materials. In-house manufacturing of the microwave sintered carbide has reduced the development time of new products by several weeks or months. Using advanced engineering and materials technology, Logan SuperAbrasives continues to push the performance limits of PDC cutters used to drill increasingly harder, more abrasive, and interbedded formations


PDC and MSC Inserts

PDC and MSC Inserts

Logan SuperAbrasives developed the raw material specifications and processing parameters for special carbide grades of PDC substrates and roller cone drilling bit inserts. These specialty products are primarily used for gauge protection and in cutting structures for bits designed to handle formations ranging from soft to hard, to highly abrasive. Durable microwave sintered carbide (MSC) inserts dramatically improve the impact strength, abrasion resistance, and erosion resistance of bits and extend the life of the cutting structure. The higher strength:wear ratio allows for more aggressive loading which leads to higher penetration rates.


Thrust and Radial Bearings for Downhole Tools

Thrust and Radial Bearings

Logan SuperAbrasives makes specialty bearing products used in applications such as oilfield drilling tools. In many oilfield applications, PDC thrust bearings directly replace roller or ball bearings. Use of PDC thrust bearings results in lower reactive torque than roller or ball bearings, which reduces power loss in the tools. PDC bearings are able to carry much higher loads and can operate in harsh downhole environments without protection. Because PDC bearings can operate in mud, air, or air mist environments without seals, they can be used in high temperature applications up to 1600°F. Typical life improvement of PDC thrust bearings versus standard roller or ball bearings is usually 10 to 20 times or longer. Radial bearings utilizing MSC inserts have demonstrated up to 10 times life improvement over conventional carbide bearings

Thrust Bearing Flyer

Radial Bearing Flyer