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Sup-R-Jar Drilling Jar

Sup-R-Jar Drilling Jar


The Logan Sup-R-Jar® Hydraulic Drilling Jar is a dynamic double-acting hydraulic drilling jar that delivers superior performance at a superior value. The Sup-R-Jar is capable of delivering a heavy impact when a bottom hole assembly becomes stuck. The Sup-R-Jar is designed with simplicity and quality in mind. The tool is simple to build, easy to dress, and is extremely durable.
Designed to operate as an integral part of a drill string, it can withstand normal drilling conditions of torque, pump pressure, temperatures up to 300°F, and long-term use. Because the Sup-R-Jar's design is temperature self-compensated, the tool can be run in higher operating temperatures and in harsher environments for longer rotating times downhole. There is no need to circulate or cool down the Sup-R-Jar as its design allows it to maintain its temperature compensation at all times.

Superior Performance Capabilities

  • High over-pull capacity with a rating greater than that of conventional jars of the same size
  • Long free stroke
  • Higher impact capability to hit harder than other jars of the same size
  • Can be run in tension or compression
  • Metering mechanism allows re-cocking of the jar by raising or lowering the drill string
  • Design ensures that the jar will not automatically cock or fire with the pumps in normal drilling operations

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