Logan Oil Tools is one of the world's largest OEMs of down hole fishing and intervention tools, including fishing and coiled tubing jars, 85-ton and 120-ton trailer- and skid-mounted power swivels, and a patented line of abrasives and high-performance PDC products for fixed cutter drill bits and drilling tools.

Recognized as a leading source of quality products since 1971, Logan Oil Tools delivers “stock to dock” for many of the world’s largest fishing and rental tool companies. Logan Oil Tools’ capabilities are supported by its 172,000-square-foot sales, engineering, manufacturing and warehouse facilities that are strategically located in Houston, Texas.

In addition to sales offices and stores located throughout the United States and Canada, Logan Oil Tools operates distribution facilities in strategic international locations to maximize delivery flexibility. All sales offices and stocking points are supported with knowledgeable personnel who are eager and committed to delivering quality products on time.

Logan Oil Tools is committed to:

  • Manufacturing high-quality products
  • Delivering quality products on-time
  • Offering competitive prices
  • Maintaining integrity in all our relationships
  • Creating customers for life


General Catalog

Logan Oil Tools General Catalog

General Catalog (pdf)

String Book

Logan Oil Tools String Book

Logan Oil Tools has published this engineering handbook for the benefit of its employees and to aid its customers in the selection of tools and equipment by providing engineering and dimensional data. Logan Oil Tools does not recommend using the information in this handbook for any other purpose.

String Book: Keeping Your String Together (pdf)

Z-Card - English

English Z-Card

English Z-Card (pdf)

Z-Card - Spanish

Spanish Z-Card