MultiStim™ Fracture Isolation Cased Hole Systems

For cased holes, Logan Completion Systems offers three types of fracture isolation systems — MultiPlug Composite Bridge and Frac Plugs, Packing Element Straddle Frac Tool, and the Cup Straddle Frac Tool.


Logan Completions and Production

MultiPlug Composite Bridge and Frac Plugs

MultiPlug Composite System
  • Unlimited frac stages
  • Reliable short-term isolation in casing to P-110
  • Easily convertible on location between bridge, check valve, and ball drop frac plug
  • Installation on Baker and GO setting tools
  • Consistent drill out on threaded or coiled tubing


MultiPlug Composite System Technical Data Sheet (pdf)

Packing Element Straddle Frac Tool

  • Pressure rated to 10,000 psi
  • Fluid bypass valve for circulation and equalization
  • Auto set/release mechanism enables use on coiled and threaded tubing
  • Adjustable triple durometer packing element system
Logan Completions and Production

Cup Straddle Packer Frac Tool

Cup Straddle Packer Frac Tool
  • Pressure rated to 5,000 psi
  • Mechanical collar locator used to verify depth
  • Adjustable straddle spacing with threaded tubing
  • Fluid bypass valve minimizes cup wear, surging, and swabbing
  • Easily cleaned out in chance of screen out

MultiStim Cup Frac Tool Technical Data Sheet (pdf)

Logan Completions and Production