MultiStem Fracture Isolation System

MultiStim™ Fracture Isolation System

MultiStem Fracture Isolation System

The MultiStim Fracture Isolation System is especially designed for producers who are tackling multi-stage fracs. This innovative, proprietary multi-stage completion technology from Logan Completion Systems features valves seats can be removed by Drilling or pushing to TD. Leaving the customer with a full drift I.D., than can be opened and closed.

The key benefit of this technology is that it leaves a fully-open wellbore that allows for increased production flow and easier downhole intervention, if required. The valves can be manipulated using the MultiStim Shifting Tool (via either coiled or threaded tubing) and selectively shifted closed and re-opened at a later date. Customized dissolvable balls allow the customer to know that all zones will be producing without removing the seats.

Hundreds of MultiStim Fracture Isolation Liner Systems with Logan Completion Systems Frac Valves have been installed to date in the Bakken Shale, and cardium and Montney Formations in western Canada, where up to 32 MultiStim frac valves have been installed, and completed in a single run.


  • One-trip installation for faster completion times
  • Ball seats can be removed in a single run
  • Single & Dual Element Openhole Packers
  • Dual Slip Liner Top Packer with anti-preset technology
  • Sleeves can be selectively opened and closed for post fracture control
  • Stimulation of the entire wellbore can be customized throughout the life of the well
  • Cementing, or plugging and perforating is not required
  • Fully covers extended-reach horizontal wells
  • Frac Valves can be controlled from toe to heel for selective fracturing and producing
  • Customized Tie Back lengths, and Polish Bore Receptacle options


  • Shortens completion time
  • Reduces well costs
  • Improves production results
  • Maximizes profit



The MultiStim Fracture Isolation Liner System can be used in

  • Extended reach horizontal wells
  • Open-hole and cased-hole horizontal and vertical wells
  • Sandstone, carbonate, shale, coal, and naturally fractured formations


MultiStim Fracture Isolation Liner System Components

MultiStem Fracture Isolation System

Drill-a-Seat (DAS) Frac Sleeve

Drill-a-Seat (DAS) Frac Sleeve
  • Can be run in either vertical or horizontal applications
  • Adjustable opening pressures

The Drill-a-Seat (DAS) Frac Sleeve is a ball activated shifting sleeve used for diverting fluids to different sections of a wellbore. The DAS can be run in a vertical or a horizontal position.

Drill-a-Seat (DAS) Frac Sleeve (pdf)

Retriev-a-Seat (RAS) Frac Valve

Retriev-a-Seat (RAS) Frac Valve
  • Retrievable ball seat and sleeve design (patent pending)
  • Full bore drift diameter after seat retrieval
  • Selective isolation
  • Selective refracturing

The Retriev-a-Seat (RAS) Frac Valve is unique to the industry by eliminating the need for ball flow back, ball seat drill out and the associated costs and debris potential. This is accomplished with a retrievable ball and seat design. All balls and seats of the MultiStim Fracture Isolation System liner are retrieved in a single trip on either coiled tubing or threaded pipe.

Retriev-a-Seat (RAS) Frac Valve (pdf)


MultiStem Fracture Isolation System

MegaSeal Open Hole Packer

MegaSeal Open Hole Packer
  • Dual-element design
  • Hydraulic setting
  • Selective setting
  • Exceeds API Q1 standards

The MultiStim MegaSeal Open Hole Packer is used to straddle the Retriev-a-Seat (RAS) Frac Valve for fracture zone isolation. Any number of packers may be installed for any open hole isolation application.

MegaSeal Open Hole Packer (pdf)

3J Running Tool

3J Running Tool
  • Simple design and operation
  • Full bore inside diameter
  • 3J Seal Assembly is used as the liner running tool and tie-back seal
  • Chevron seal design is rated at 300°F and 10,000 psi

The 3J Running Tool is composed of two robust components - the 3J Seal Assembly and the 3J Receptacle. The retrievable-reusable 3J Seal Assembly features external high load rated lugs and a high performance V-seal assembly for elevated bottom hole temperatures and multiple fluids compatibility.

3J Running Tool (pdf)


MultiStem Fracture Isolation System

MegaSeal Liner Top Packer

MegaSeal Liner Top Packer
  • Works in conjunction with 3J Liner Top Receptacle
  • Full bore design
  • No special setting tools required

The MultiStim MegaSeal Liner Top Packer is a large seal bore packer. The hydraulic setting chamber is built into the packer. There is no need for additional setting tools in the string.

MegaSeal Liner Top Packer (pdf)

Flow Lock Collar

Flow Lock Collar
  • Ball actuated
  • Adjustable actuation pressure
  • Locking shut-off
  • Meets API Q1 standards

The MultiStim Flow Lock Collar is lowermost component above the liner shoe track. The Flow Lock Collar allows well fluid to fill up during liner installation; circulation for well fluid displacement once the liner is at depth and when closed provides liner pressure integrity for setting of the MegaSeal Open Hole Packers, the liner hanger packer and opening of the MultiStim Hydraulic Port Valve.

Flow Lock Collar (pdf)


MultiStem Fracture Isolation System

Hydraulic Port Valve

Hydraulic Port Valve
  • Full bore inside diameter
  • Adjustable actuation pressure
  • Permanently locks open
  • Exceeds API Q1 standards

The MultiStim Hydraulic Port Valve is strategically placed as the toe or first frac zone port when used in the ball actuated Retriev-a-Seat (RAS) valve system. Multiple valves can also be used in a non-ball hydraulic actuated frac port system in conjunction with the MultiStim Cup Frac Tool System.

Hydraulic Port Valve (pdf)

Bi-Directional Hydraulic Shifting Tool

Bi-Directional Hydraulic Shifting Tool
  • Shifts valves to opened or closed position
  • Flow actuated — no drop balls needed
  • Self draining — no wet strings
  • Compatible with threaded or coiled tubing

The MultiStim Bi-Directional Hydraulic Shifting Tool is able to open or close any number of valves in a single trip. It works with threaded or coiled tubing and is compatible with or without jars or bumper subs. The tool is easy to locate with Logan Completion Systems’ Mechanical Collar Locator.

Bi-Directional Hydraulic Shifting Tool (pdf)

MultiStem Fracture Isolation System

6.080" Open Hole Reamer

Open Hole Reamer
  • Helix design
  • Extended-life cutting surface
  • Design and manufacturing standards

The MultiStim 6.080" Open Hole Reamer is an essential component to the successful installation of the MultiStim Fracture Isolation System. The 6.080" Open Hole Reamer is run immediately prior to the liner installation to ensure clean installation of the liner without the need for circulation and/or rotation.

6.080" Open Hole Reamer (pdf)

Flow Back Ball Catcher

Flow Back Ball Catcher
  • Works in conjunction with the 3J Seal Assembly
  • Captures balls during flow back prior to seat retrieval
  • Simple deployment

The MultiStim Flow Back Ball Catcher is used in conjunction with the 3J Seal Assembly. After the frac, and prior to retrieving or milling out seats if desired, the well can flow back without worry of the balls becoming lodged in the flow loop or wellhead.

Flow Back Ball Catcher (pdf)

MultiStem Fracture Isolation System

Drill-a-Seat (DAS II)

Flow Back Ball Catcher
  • Full bore access after seats are milled
  • Selective Isolation
  • Selective Refracturing
  • Shiftable Fully Open/Close

The Drill-a-Seat (DAS) valve is a ball-activated sleeve used to divert fluids to a defined interval of a wellbore. The valves can be utilized in vertical or horizontal wellbore as a liner monobore system in an open-hole application. Multiple valves can be installed in a well design and the seat sizing can be set up to meet the ID desired.

Drill-a-Seat (DAS II) (pdf)

Retrieva-a-Seat (RAS) Retrieval Tool

Retrieva-a-Seat (RAS) Retrieval Tool
  • Removes seats from multiple valves in a single trip
  • Captures balls during seat retrieval without flow back
  • Push-pull operation is compatible with threaded or coiled tubing
  • Compatible with jars and bumper subs

The MultiStim Retrieva-a-Seat (RAS) Retrieval Tool is the primary means use to remove the seats from the RAS Valves after the fracing operation has been completed. The simplistic design allows the operator to easily remove the RAS Valves from the wellbore.

Retrieva-a-Seat (RAS) Retrieval Tool (pdf)